Out with the old...

In with the new! A couple of years ago I got tired of carrying around the typical oversized wallet/purse that is marketed for women. I wanted something slim that I could carry in my back pocket (even in the tiny tight pockets of jeggings - yes I will confess to wearing jeggings). 

Eventually I designed and handmade my own leather wallet that had just enough room for 5-6 cards on one side and plenty of folded bills on the other. Perfect simplicity. Scaling down what you carry seems impossible at first, but now that I only carry the essentials, I've forgotten why I needed all that extra space.

The coolest part is that over time the veg-tan leather darkens to a unique patina from your own natural oils. Instead of using a denim liner for the re-make, I chose this old flamingo print from a collection of found upholstery textile samples.